perjantai 6. huhtikuuta 2012

Stuff from the past week

Finally got some of the orders I've made the past cople of months. Still waiting some of them, though =/

Vestiges/Ghaust -split. Blackened crust, black metal, hardcore from US/Sludge, hardcore from Indonesia. Got this from Vestiges.

Vestiges/Caulfield -split. Same as above/Sludgy hardcore, crust from US.  Vestiges track is a Cranberries - Zombie -cover and Caulfield track is a Nirvana - Dive -cover. Pretty awesome. 100 copies in red, mine is 23. Got this the same way as the previous one.

Barghest -cassette. Black metal from US. I think this band includes members from Thou. 100 copies made, mine's 26.
Falls of rauros - the Light that dwells in rotten wood. Black/folk -metal from US.
Fell voices -t-shirt. Been looking for one for ages. I usually don't get white shirts, but since these were so hard to come by I got it. Pretty cool, I think.
They were also cool as shit and put some extra stuff in there. Barghest -button and a patch and a Fell voices patch as well. (Which I've also been searching for ages) I also ordered an Ash borer -t-shirt, but they sent me a wrong one. Got to send it back and get the right one.

And last but not least: Vessel I -patch. Had to exclusively ask from the band If I could get one since they didn't ship these outside US. The dude I contacted was awesome and included some cool/silly american shit. Gotta send something weird back soon.
Red-anarchist black metal from US.

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