sunnuntai 17. kesäkuuta 2012

More Nirvana

Smells like teen spirit -cds. From

Stuff from a local record store, again.

Skitsystem/Cyness -split. Skitsystem are a hardcore/crust band from Sweden. Cyness are a grindcore band from Germany.

Lighthouse project - Lust for lie -ep. Hardcore from finland.

Thou/Leech picture vinyl

Finally got my copy of Thou/Leech - We pass like night, from land to land -split. The picture vinyl one. The dude behind Eternal warfare was cool and held one of these aside for me.

Stuff from a grindcore -show

Nistikko - Totaalinen hävitys -cassette. Includes their 'Hävitys' album and some eralier demos. Black cover is a little more rare. I got the white one since my friend bought the last black one, but the band was cool and gave me one leftover black covers for free =D

Famine year. This band includes members from another grindcore band, Feastem.

Demo mmxi
Split with Hautaus
And a goddamn t-shirt!

 Cut to fit: Fire works, Destructive devices -cdr and a patch. Fire works is an improvised, sludgy album by these guys. Meant to explore the other side of grindcore.

Death toll 80K t-shirt.


perjantai 1. kesäkuuta 2012

Black metal & Neocrust

Fell voices - Demo 2008. Athmospheric black metal from US. Found this on ebay.

Dead to a dying world - s/t. Epic neocrust from US. They include a cello to their mixture of crust, hardcore, doom and whatnot. Cool green vinyl. Got this from Tofu carnage records.


Rolo Tomassi / Antares -split & Rolo Tomassi / Throats -split. Rolo Tomassi are a mathcore band from UK, Antares are a mathcore band from UK and Throats were a hardcore band from UK. Great stuff. Got these from Amazon.

Sludgy sexyness

Hell / Thou - Resurrection bay -split. This is a pretty damn beautiful package. White vinyl in a white sleeve. The patch has similar art as the one that came with the Fell voices -lp. Got this from Pesanta Urfolk.


End begins - Wartime all the time & Out of breath - KFTB. Beatdown hardcore from Finland. Got these from a friend.