sunnuntai 17. kesäkuuta 2012

Stuff from a grindcore -show

Nistikko - Totaalinen hävitys -cassette. Includes their 'Hävitys' album and some eralier demos. Black cover is a little more rare. I got the white one since my friend bought the last black one, but the band was cool and gave me one leftover black covers for free =D

Famine year. This band includes members from another grindcore band, Feastem.

Demo mmxi
Split with Hautaus
And a goddamn t-shirt!

 Cut to fit: Fire works, Destructive devices -cdr and a patch. Fire works is an improvised, sludgy album by these guys. Meant to explore the other side of grindcore.

Death toll 80K t-shirt.


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